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Kritička analiza diskursa s primjerima iz medijskoga i političkoga diskursa


Kritička analiza diskursa s primjerima iz medijskoga i političkoga diskursa

Daniela Matić

This book was written as an attempt to show the development of the functionalist approach to language from semantics, pragmatics, speech act theory, discourse analysis to the center of the author’s scientific interest, critical discourse analysis, which is neither a theoretical nor a methodologically uniform approach.
Discourse is influenced by social events, but it also shapes them and influences the change in attitudes, thinking and acceptance of certain phenomena in society, positive or negative. A critical approach in analysis means that the analyst’s interest is focused not only on the discourse in order to discover some hidden meanings, but also on the processes that create such meanings and on the reasons why some linguistic features were used in the text. Discourse devices often serve as ideological tools for direct or indirect influence on the public, for creating, directing and polarizing public opinion, stereotyping, reproducing and fomenting prejudices or appeasing the public and uniting people around the common good.
The goal of the first, theoretical part of the book was to present the diachronic and linguistic foundation of critical discourse analysis and its social role. The second part of the book is dedicated to the application of critical discourse analysis on examples of media and political discourse in Croatian, English and French. Examples were chosen that at first glance did not contain many reasons for a critical approach. Nevertheless, it turned out that they have elements that point to power relations and asymmetry hidden in various linguistic forms, ideological attitudes of the speakers that emerge intentionally or unintentionally in some linguistic feature, and are influenced by social relations, beliefs, prejudices, complex economic, political, military strategies and sometimes personal animosity transposed to the institutional level.


Publication year: 2023

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