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BRISE-GLACE, 16 THÈMES – sciences politiques, économie et médias


BRISE-GLACE, 16 THÈMES – sciences politiques, économie et médias

Drijenka Pandžić Kuliš, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb
Borka Lekaj Lubina, Ph.D, Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb

BRISE-GLACE is a course material for learning French for Specific Purposes which aims to advance Croatian students’ professional communication skills and to acquaint them with the fields of political and economic science.  The knowledge of French for Specific Purposes is acquired through three thematic modules which contain activities which encourage critical thinking and development of various learning strategies.      

The material consists of texts specifically designed for levels A2 / B1 which deal with current or historic topics specifically written for this material. Each text contains around 400 words with vocabulary mostly based on learners’ general knowledge, which stimulates easier acquisition of foreign language.  Learners are thus able to apply their linguistic and factual knowledge in practise. All the activities are designed for autonomous work or work with the instructor. Research activities related to topics from students’ academic fields can be conducted autonomously or in groups. They stimulate an exchange of opinions, and facilitate students’ understanding and developing knowledge of the world. These research activities aim to encourage student encounters and discussions among students on political and economic topics in the French language 

French is an important factor in international institutions and their projects We hope that BRISE-GLACE will boost students’ motivation to advance their knowledge of French and that it will stimulate them to take the first step toward acquiring higher levels of French for Specific Purposes which will greatly facilitate their adaptation to international workplaces.   

Year of publication: 2020

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